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We love talking about boots. 

Don't women's football boots already exist?

The options for women playing football are extremely limited. Most sports shoes are made for men and boys' feet, which means they can be extremely uncomfortable to wear.

We want to provide more choices to women playing the game they love.

What is the difference between men and women's feet?

Women pressure load differently, tend to have higher arches, a wider forefoot, and a narrow heel cup. 

This means, the positioning of studs need to be different on a women's football boot.

We have an amazing team of podiatrists, bio-mechanists, players and coaches with expert knowledge to help us make the best women's football boot on the market.

What are your shoe making credentials? 

Are we crazy?

A little bit.

We are passionate about sport, and we believe everybody deserves the right to play in the best gear.